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Our Mission

We aim at having close unceasing contact with our clients in order to answer their needs as fast as possible.

We consult and direct our clients in the process of making choice in accordance with their requirements.

With our activity we help the Bulgarian agricultural manufacturer to invest successfully in putting into practice new technologies on the field.

We aim at supplying products that contribute to expenses reduction and high yields.

Contact us

Zheleznik District GPS coordinates: 42.410004, 25.591976 phone: 042 / 600 171
Nova Zagora, Konyovsko Road GPS coordinates: 42.506028, 26.041212 phone: (+359) 887 604 048
Zornitsa Beeva
Sales representative Plant protection products, seeds, fertilizers Stara Zagora region phone. 0884024313
Mariya Choleva
Sales representative Fruit and horticulture Region Plovdiv and Pazardzhik phone: 0887 89 44 88
Iliyana Lalova
Sales representative Plant protection products, fertilizers, seeds Region Sofia phone: 0882 517 754
Jelezcho Jechkov
Sales representative agricultural machinery Ruse region тел. 0887808330
Yavor Yakimov
Service specialist Vratsa region phone: 0882 466 672
Emiliyan Stoyanov
Service specialist Montana region phone. 0882 39 23 23